Since 1989 we have been engaged for twelve projects by Leicester Polytechnic, subsequently to become De Montfort University in 1992. The most sizeable is the Queens Building, the new School of Engineering and Manufacture. It is quite unlike any other contemporary high tech educational or commercial building. It very successfully houses up to 2000 staff and students, now largely working at computers or meeting in a variety of seminar and conference rooms. It incorporates two steeply raked wide fan auditoria. It is built on a forlorn 1960's demolition site at the poor end of the once very prosperous and grand city of Leicester.

The entire building is naturally ventilated, passively cooled and naturally lit, including the two largest auditoria each seating 168 people. Conventional wisdom in the ventilation and heating industry was that this omission of mechanical and electrical equipment was quite impossible.

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